Elevating TEDxZurich to new heights

Together with the TEDxZurich team, we’ve produced the livestream of the main event show in 2023 and afterward the post-production of all TEDx talks, which gained already multiple hundred-thousands of views on YouTube. A special focus was placed on accessibility and inclusion.

TEDx is a program started by TED Conferences, LLC, an American-Canadian non-profit media organization, to create local self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. TEDxZurich was set up over 10 years ago . In 2023, TEDxZurich implements a new accessibility and inclusion concept with the help of EVERYWOW.

Client: TEDxZurich
Industry: Global Conference


  • Over 1000 attendees online and on-site who are seeking an inspirational experience
  • Keep up with demand for accessibility
  • Requires top-notch video production capabilities

Success factors

  • Outside the box thinking to deliver an outstanding experience
  • Consulting on event technology and design of the projection layouts
  • Highly skilled team of professionals


  • High-quality experience on-site and in the virtual broadcasts for over 1000 attendees
  • Multiple hundred-thousands of views on YouTube
  • Accessibility and inclusion measures were a huge success

TEDxZurich taken to new heights

TEDxZurich was one of the first independently organised TEDx events over 10 years ago. The team creates multiple times per year memorable experiences for its audience. The highlight event is the yearly main event, which attracts 600 to 1000 attendees in-person and virtually. In 2023, the yearly main event was centred around the topic “Re-Building”, which aims to address the pressing ethical, social, economic, political, and environmental dilemmas faced by a global community. In the spirit of innovation and inclusion, the event was designed to be barrier-free for people who use a wheelchair, require live closed-captions, or sign-language interpretation. Additionally, some parts of the event were complemented with audio description for people with reduced eyesight. 


TEDxZurich celebrates the value of innovation and inclusion. For its yearly main show in 2023, the organizers decided to open up the event to a diverse group of people. EVERYWOW took over the conception and implementation of all accessibility measures like close-captions, sign-language interpretation, and audio description.

In order to increase the reach of the event, we produced a seamless livestream for virtual attendees. For the audience on-site, the live camera-feed was projected onto the LED-Wall, making it easier for distant viewers to watch the talk on stage.

A particular focus was put on the production of the talks, as they are an integral part of TEDxZurich’s offering. As part of its philosophy, content is freely distributed online, and therefore mainly consumed post-event. Therefore, we placed a strong emphasis on the production of high-quality video content. The talks were professionally edited with a fast turnaround time. As a result, TEDxZurich was able to generate multiple hundreds of thousands of views within few weeks post-event.

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