Success stories

Success stories

Experience which projects our customers did with us together

  • «Many thanks for the professional work + collaboration. Our speakers are now sharing their successful recordings.»
    – Swiss Fund Day, Zurich
  • «Everyone is incredibly satisfied. It was an honour working with EVERYWOW in this broadcast!»
    – PTC Therapeutics, Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • «Thank you again for your great cooperation. It’s been a real pleasure working together.»
    – Sakura Finetek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • «Thank you very much for all your help & professional work to make our broadcast a success! We are super happy with the end-result.»
    – Barry Callebaut, Zurich & International
  • «Many thanks to the EVERYWOW team. Our colleagues loved the live broadcast and it went flawless!»
    – Barry Callebaut, Zurich & International

Get inspired by our projects

Experience what we did for our customers and get inspired

Financial Services Provider

First-class hybrid conference

The aim of this hybrid conference was to increase influence through high-quality thought leadership content. The production included audience analytics, hosting on an event platform, live-streaming and recording of conference content, and post-production of talks and social media content.

Public sector

Yearly award ceremony

With the professional live broadcast on the internet and on targeted social media channels, the reach was increased enormously. The reuse of the event footage offers content for further campaigns, which could be used specifically for more attention and awareness.

International consulting firm

Customer engagement show

An interview with a world-famous tennis star was broadcast on a 360° projection screen on site, creating an immersive experience. The staging helps customers feel as part of the experience and thus building a stronger bond with the brand. With high-quality visuals, an unforgettable experience was created that remained in the customer’s mind for a long time.

International goods manufacturer

Town-hall meeting with CEO

A vivid discussion between in-person and remote guests provided the right balance in the panel, which makes the audience stay tuned. The remote speaker was connected via a large screen and gives the event a multidimensionality that arouses the audience’s interest. By broadcasting live on the internet, employees could be reached worldwide.

Global NGO

International award ceremony

With animated graphics and stinger transitions, this online event was able to captivate viewers and appropriately represent the event’s brand. The broadcasting of the nominees was completely location-independent, and the award winners were authentically informed live, amplifying the emotions of the viewers.

Medical device manufacturer

Live broadcast of a global product launch

By broadcasting on several screens, the visibility at the fair was increased, and the event was appropriately staged. The live broadcast on the internet significantly increased the reach. The promo video produced from the event recordings served to keep the event alive by being used on the website, in mailings and on social media, thus attracting more attention.

Medical provider

Training for medical professionals

The decision to produce this event as a hybrid event and allowing its audience also to join virtually increased the reach of this training event by over 100%. Our production enabled the event sponsors to present their brands professionally to the audience.

Global NGO

72h non-stop virtual conference

Our 360° turnkey solution for a global conference aims to reach a worldwide audience 24/7 with captivating content and excellent hosts. The solution includes speaker coaching, pre-recorded presentations, live discussions, 72-hour continuous event management, and high-quality video livestreaming.

Sustainable food manufacturer

Employee engagement show

The celebration of the achievements of a worldwide workforce was marked by the production of a high-quality and entertaining live show. The show featured authentic hosts, pre-produced interviews from around the world, an on-brand presentation, and livestreaming in two different time zones.

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