Sakura Finetek Product Launch amplified

In 2022, Sakura prepared to launch its next-generation advanced staining system. The product reveal was impressively staged at the 34th European Congress for Pathology in Basel. An increase in visibility was a key factor of success for this project.

Sakura Finetek is a medical device company specializing in pathology solutions. The company aims to advance cancer diagnosis through fully automated anatomic pathology.

At the 34th European Congress for Pathology, Sakura presented its latest product breakthrough with a special effect.

Client: Sakura Finetek
Industry: Medical device manufacturer


  • Large congress, difficult to grasp the attention of visitors
  • Competing exhibitors at the trade fair
  • Limited space and loud environment complicated production of high-quality video

Success factors

  • Off the grid multi-cam live switching
  • Digital wireless audio transmission
  • Roving and wirelessly connected camera in a challenging environment


  • Hundreds of visitors spectated the product reveal
  • Highlight video and event recordings that were used for internal purposes and social media

Product launch at the European Congress of Pathology

Sakura Finetek is a medical device company specializing in pathology solutions. In the field of pathology, Sakura is considered the gold standard for medical devices. Their mission is to advance cancer diagnoses by providing integrated solutions for anatomic pathology and patients through best-in-class innovation, quality, and customer care.

In 2022, Sakura prepared to launch its next-generation product: The Tissue-Tek Genieยฎ Advanced Staining System is the first and only fully automated, true random access stainer for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH). This system provides fast and predictable turnaround time. With this device, pathology laboratories get to streamline processes by having automations and enables technicians to have a more reliable workflow. It allows for a significant time reduction to diagnosis.

Sakura Finetek planned the launch of the Tissue-Tek Genieยฎ device at the European Society of Pathology in September 2022.

Sakura Finetek and EVERYWOW

Sakura reached out to EVERYWOW to amplify the impact of such an important reveal. With 116 exhibitors, Sakura had to compete for the attention of the congress visitors.

Together with EVERYWOW, Sakura decided to increase the reach of the product reveal by broadcasting onto several screens at the trade fair. Based on Sakura’s company history, a Japanese Samurai warrior opened the reveal ceremony. The launch continued with speeches by the CEOs and the live reveal of the advanced staining system. The audience could watch the event from close-up or from numerous screens around the trade fair. This way, the important moment was made accessible from every angle and grasped the attention of passing by visitors.

The highlight video produced from the event recordings served to amplify the event’s impact on social media, thus attracting more attention.

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