We are a video agency focusing on thought leadership, video production for conferences and events, and livestreaming. Companies use our services to strengthen their people-based business, internal communication and positioning.

EVERYWOW caters your audience with a high-quality videos and livestreams that builds trust, generates demand, and increases your influence.

Our work is dedicated to the creation of engaging video experiences for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients.

Who we are and where we’re headed

EVERYWOW was founded in 2020, but really it has been building up its capabilities for over a decade. We unify years of experience working in digital advertising, technology, and video productions for businesses, NGOs and corporate clients in Switzerland and world-wide. Our focus is on people and their attention. We provide work in the field of thought leadership, and professional video creation.

We are passionate about our work and the technology involved, we don’t shy away from telling the truth, we go beyond limits to make any vision a reality. With this, we look into the future and work towards innovation.

Our values and our mission

Starting with how we treat each other, our values extend into how we work with our clients, suppliers, and our community. We work with clients that are committed to making a positive impact in the world, and we take pride in supporting them with the best quality service to make this happen. We made it our mission to drive tangible results for our clients, so they can expect a higher return on investment by building trust, generating more demand, and gaining influence.

Our core team

We produce WOW-worthy videos together. We combine our cinematic, creative, management, and technical backgrounds to construct the best approach that gets your message across and boosts your return on investment.

Stefanie Hetjens

CEO, Executive Director

Cristian Cuchian


Simon Rickli

Audio Specialist

Claudine Brändle


  • «Thank you again for your great cooperation. It’s been a real pleasure working together.»
    – Sakura Finetek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • «Everyone is incredibly satisfied. It was an honour working with EVERYWOW in this broadcast!»
    – PTC Therapeutics, Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • «Steffi has a good eye to show me from the best side.»
    – Kanton Zürich
  • «Your ongoing guidance and flexibility in the run up to the show was great – the clients were really pleased with how it went!»
    – eMotive, London, UK
  • «Many thanks to the EVERYWOW team. Our colleagues loved the live broadcast and it went flawless!»
    – Barry Callebaut, Zurich & International

Our pool of experts

Over the years, EVERYWOW has built up an extensive pool of experts that cover the entire spectrum of video production. We work with field experts around the globe to serve you with the highest standards, anytime and anywhere.

Join our team

We are open to various levels of experience, forms of cooperation and collaboration. If you would like to work with us, you should bring two things to the team:

1. you should be able to communicate in German and English

2. you should enjoy learning new things

If you are a video producer, cameraperson, production assistant, gaffer, editor, or director and would like to work with us on video and live productions, contact us. We look forward to meeting you. Really.

Ready to boost your events?

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