Video podcast of the Canton of Zurich increases participation

“Thanks to EVERYWOW’s expert advice and their well-coordinated team, we were able to launch a new content format efficiently and successfully.”

Helena Trachsel, Head of the Equality Office of the Canton of Zurich
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Episode 1 of the podcasts with Government Councillor Jacqueline Fehr

“Gleichstellung ist gelebte Teilhabe” is a podcast series by the Canton of Zurich, recorded on location in the Canton’s offices and published on YouTube and other podcast platforms.

The Equality Office of the Canton of Zurich strengthens equality through many programmes and projects. One of the ways to achieve this is through the promotion of political participation of people in the cantonal area.

In 2020, many public events celebrating the 50th anniversary of women’s suffrage had to be cancelled, and the team was looking for a new, digital way to reach out to people. So, the idea of a video podcast came up.

In close cooperation between the cantonal office and EVERYWOW, we created the podcast series “Equality is lived participation”. We recorded the six episodes in the meeting room of the cantonal government and published them on YouTube after post-production. Audio versions were published on all popular podcast platforms at regular intervals.

The video podcast enabled the Equality Office to reach out to people in the canton with exciting interviewees and make them aware of the important issue of equality.

Added value for the Canton of Zurich

New target group: The digital implementation of this format allowed the Equality Office to capture the interest of new people.

Strengthening the important topic: Two trendy formats – digital videos and podcasting – are used by the Canton to communicate this important topic.

Information permanently available: The interviews are always accessible to the public.

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Episode 2 with Prof. Dr. iur. Thomas Gächter
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Episode 6 with Lic. iur. Zita Küng

Our work

To realise this content format, we supported the Gender Equality Unit with:

  • Strategic advice on the conception of the format
  • Live productions on the premises of the cantonal administration
  • Set design
  • Camera
  • Pre and post production