What to wear to look professional on camera

When dressing for camera recordings to look professional, it’s essential to choose clothing that allows viewers to focus on what you’re saying without being distracted by loud or inappropriate attire. Here are some tips to help you select the right clothing.

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1. Feel confident in your outfit

The energy you exude on video will come through more naturally if you feel good in what you’re wearing. Furthermore, remember, your outfit should be suitable for your position in the story or the subject you’ll be discussing.

2. Solid pastel, muted, and blue colors are perfect

White can appear to glow on camera, while black can absorb much of the light, making you literally invisible. Furthermore, avoid wearing hot or neon colors that can be distracting. Instead, we recommend selecting clothes with pastel, muted, jewel-toned colors. Navy blue is a great choice if you normally prefer black. Light pastel colors and light gray are good choices if you want to substitute white.

Try to reduce the number of patterns (stripy, intricate, checkered, etc.) you wear and pick solid colors instead: Solid colors are restful to the eyes and allow viewers to focus on your message. Shiny fabrics can be unflattering under bright lights, so opt for cottons and matte fabrics that dampen shadows and create a smoother body profile line. Transparent, sheer clothing or dresses in (your) skin color can be inappropriate and unprofessional on camera.

And finally, ensure your clothes are pressed and wrinkle-free. Dress as if you were going to a job interview, appropriate to the subject you will be talking about.

3. Choose small accessories

Avoid wearing big and shiny necklaces and earrings, as they can reflect light and distract the viewer. Also avoid generally large necklaces and all scarfs: They can touch lavaliere microphones, mute your voice, and produce annoying scratching sounds. Hats can cast shadows on your face, making it difficult for the camera to capture your expressions.

By following these recommendations, you can be confident that your wardrobe choices will help you look professional and allow your message to stand out on camera.