Benefits of professionally produced live streams

Your live stream is initially overcrowded but, by the end, there are only a few viewers left. Perhaps you can’t concentrate on the presentation at all in virtual conferences because one of the speakers is using a bad webcam. During important presentations, does the audience simply switch off mentally or digitally in the middle? These are all typical phenomena if you organise your online events via platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Here, we will offer solutions to solve these common problems with your stream; however, it still can’t compete with a professional live stream, and we explain why. 

The visual design of the live stream 

Transmitting an online event live and with exciting guests stands and falls with the attention of the viewers. The demands on a live stream and its technical implementation are the same as a Netflix production nowadays. People are used to being entertained by our screens. They no longer overlook minor flaws; they see nothing but minor flaws. 

Most of the time, your content suffers from poor production quality. A television show is not only convincing through content but through visually appealing design. Your live stream should be able to do the same. If the lights are placed awkwardly or unconsciously, a camera angle is unflattering or the microphone is noisy, this can cause viewers to lose interest in your content or lose their concentration.

Improve your home office live stream

If you are hosting and broadcasting a live event, it is worth your while to get to grips with the basics of live stream production. Take time to deal with the most important technical aspects of camera, light, and sound for your event! The quality of the broadcast and the experience of the audience will improve immensely. 

Use your laptop’s camera correctly, or replace it

The easiest step to position yourself correctly in the frame is to elevate the laptop in front of you. The camera should be at eye level and your eyes should be visible in the top third of the picture. The perspective becomes a frontal shot as opposed to a picture that shows your face from below. 

However, if you want to produce a professional live stream, stop using your laptop camera. A camera mounted on a tripod will improve the image many times over with very little effort. You don’t need an expensive camera to get a high-quality image these days; even your smartphone provides a quality image. To connect your mobile phone camera to the stream, a suitable app is DroidCam. This connects your smartphone to your computer via Wi-Fi and you can use it as a camera in all video call apps. The app is available for all conventional operating systems.

Hitting the right tone

A headset with a good microphone in front of your mouth is the first step towards better sound quality. In contrast to transmission with in-ear headphones or the built-in microphone of your laptop, your voice will sound much better. However, if you are the main attraction on the screens of the people watching, then a large mic in your face is not your best option. A standing microphone may be preferable (e.g. the RØDE NT-USB microphone), placed outside the picture. 

The light makes the music

Good lighting makes your livestream look professional. Remember, lighting is one of the highest art forms in film and television. To achieve the perfect lighting, be prepared to invest some time. Only through trial and error will you get a feel for what light is best. 

Pointing a desk lamp directly at your face not only blinds you, but it also looks terrible. Aiming a lamp against the wall in front of you so that the reflection of the light illuminates you is one option. A simple tip: if the light hits you at a 45-degree angle, your lighting will look a lot more professional. Dimmable smart lamps, such as those from IKEA or Philips, are an excellent investment to improve video calls with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. You can adjust the brightness and colour temperature of these lamps to suit your needs.

These simple solutions will improve your broadcast significantly from traditional home office streams. Although further improvements are visible once you get into technical intricacies, it takes years to reach professional quality standards. This elaborate technical preparation also limits the time you can spend on preparing your content. While your workload will increase and the changes will make a good impression, there will always be room for improvement. 

Book a professional live stream

Producing a good live stream is an art form, just like producing a film. Multiple camera angles keep viewers entertained and real-time editing between cameras emphasises the content. Good microphones make it pleasant to listen to the stream. Precise fade-ins and perfect lighting make the broadcast a high-quality production. Let’s not forget preparing make-up, outfits, and promoting the event. To coordinate all this, you need a professional team with experience.

The team at EVERYWOW has that experience. We want every stream to be as individual as our customers in Zurich. We want to offer a stage to people who normally disappear and fall silent in the shadow of institutionalised oppression.

With us, you get a complete live stream programme. Before the broadcast, there are many steps that we take with you. From media training for the presenters, planning and promoting the event, to applying for all the necessary permits, we are always at your side. We also complete a follow-up with you and provide you with the recorded video and other material. During the broadcast, we take care of all technical aspects, giving you the opportunity to concentrate solely on your message. 

If you are interested in working with us, we will be happy to provide you with information about our services and put together a personalised package for you.