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Tangible results with engaging virtual experiences

We are committed to boost your event presence and live communication campaign. Our work generates more demand, more trust, and more influence for you. Always focussed on tangible results and delivering WOW virtual events.

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More demand

We will create demand and increase your customer lifetime value with authentic content delivery, event analytics, and amplification of your content.

More trust

Our virtual event experience framework will ensure that your audience builds trust in you, your speakers, and your brand.

More influence

We position you and your speakers as thought-leaders based on our event direction knowledge and audience psychology principals.

We work with you to create WOW digital events

We work with you 360° to create virtual events, hybrid events, and live communications, which are stunning, accessible, and engaging.

Your partner for impactful digital events and live communication

Our customers trust us to create engaging virtual experiences for their product launches, town halls, trainings, and many more.

Global NGO

72h non-stop live conference

Multi-location, global event management with 24/7 tech support. On-site screen for live interaction with remote speakers. Speaker name projected in the background. During the Q&A session, the selected questions are broadcasted into the livestream.

Sustainable food manufacturer

Employee engagement

Multi-national employee activation event. Livestreamed into two different time zones. Mix of live (e.g., live on-site interviews) and pre-produced content (e.g., animated video clips).

Financial Services

Awareness conference

Hybrid conference with pre-produced videos and 360-degree projections. Live polls for both online and offline audience with real-life result projection. Protection of sensitive information and data through our security-first approach.

  • «I am very satisfied with your service – everything went like clockwork. Top!»
    – SWICO, Zurich
  • «Many thanks for the professional work + collaboration. Our speakers are now sharing their successful recordings.»
    – Swiss Fund Day, Zurich
  • «Everyone is incredibly satisfied. It was an honour working with EVERYWOW in this broadcast!»
    – PTC Therapeutics, Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • «Steffi has a good eye to show me from the best side.»
    – Kanton Zürich
  • «It was a pleasure working with EVERYWOW and experiencing your professionalism and flexibility.»
    – PTC Therapeutics, Zug, Switzerland

Matching your needs with deep expertise

Our team has deep expertise across all areas of live and video productions. Need to stream your next event to an online audience? Are you trying to figure out the best way of delivering a top-notch virtual experience for your audience? We’ve got you covered. With a dedicated project manager, you’ll have one go-to contact who interfaces with our pool of subject-matter experts to deliver a high-end production for you.

Our customers <3

We love our customers and take pride in helping those that are out there to make an impact.

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EVERWOW is the leading full service, nationwide live streaming agency. We would love to talk about your project and answer any questions you have!

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Frequently asked questions about our live streaming and broadcast services.

What is a live stream?

A live stream is a live video broadcast on the internet. It’s actually very similar to a live broadcast of a TV show: In a studio, at a venue or in a meeting room, you record something with cameras and broadcast it on the internet. There are many platforms on which live streams can be shown and your viewers can ‘tune in’.

What is the difference between a live stream and a webinar?

Webinars and live streams are very similar. In fact, a webinar is a special form of live streaming. A live stream can be produced very cheaply or expensively, whereas a webinar is often recorded on a small scale and is produced cheaply. There are many types of content that can be live streamed, e.g., lectures, panels or gaming. A webinar is usually a lecture or a short training session.

Which event platform should I use?

There are countless platforms to which streaming is possible. Popular places are YouTube and Vimeo, but also Zoom, Teams or similar. And specialised event platforms, like Airmeet.

The best platform depends more on your requirements and the degree of audience interaction.

We have the latest technology that allows us to stream to any platform – so we can stream your live event exactly where you want it. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of platform.

What cities or countries do you cover?

EVERYWOW produces livestreams all over Switzerland, as well as internationally. We have done several projects that included locations in multiple countries on different continents. You can find more details on global productions here on our website.

How can I create a special virtual event experience?

There are numerous ways to make your virtual event unique and the choice very much depends on what kind of audience you are trying to impress. From visual content, such as animations and branded backgrounds, to interactive features, such as breakout rooms and live polls, we offer a broad range of options to create an unforgettable experience for your target audience.

How to implement event accessibility?

There are many ways to make your event more accessible and at EVERYWOW we specialize in designing the adequate concept for your needs. Solutions include transcriptions, sign language, captions, simultaneous interpretation, multi-language events, and many more.

How to find the right partner for a virtual event?

There are many factors to consider, and some might be very individual, however, main questions that should be addressing are how much experience the team has in organizing virtual events, how the price structure is defined, and most importantly how involved the agency is, meaning that they will either become your sparring-partner and anticipate problems before you are bothered by them or they will just passively execute what was priorly dictated.

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