Simultaneously translated live stream reaches new target groups

English live stream:

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German live stream:

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The interview between the researcher Dr Hodcroft and Daniel Binswanger from the magazine “Republik” was simultaneously translated into two languages and streamed on YouTube.

The aim of “VOIX CIVIQUE” is to educate people in Switzerland about the consequences of “Long Covid”. With this aim, they invited the English-speaking researcher Dr Hodcroft for an interview with Daniel Binswanger from the magazine “Republik”. In order to reach an audience as large as possible, the interview was simultaneously translated into two languages and live streamed.

The organisers have already carried out live streams themselves but failed due to the hurdle of simultaneous translation.

EVERYWOW set up a distributed and virtual live streaming production. This enabled the interview to be streamed in two languages simultaneously on YouTube by involving trained simultaneous translators.

The streaming service allowed Dr Hodcroft and Daniel Binswanger to focus on the interview, the simultaneous translators to translate, and the organisers to monitor the chat. The additional simultaneous translation increased the reach of the stream by over 200%. In total, the interview was watched over 4,000 times.

Livestreaming added value for inclusion

Greater reach: Many people were able to experience the talk without exposing themselves to Covid-19.

Better inclusion: People who did not want to follow the interview in English could participate in the German version.

Information permanently available: The presentation is permanently available to the public in both languages.

Low effort: The live stream production was decentralised.

Simultaneous, dual YouTube streaming in German and English.

Our work

To realise these live streams we have supported with:

  • Consulting on the strategy of live streams
  • Pre-production of the live stream
  • Virtual multistream live productions
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