Efficient Production of Hybrid Events

Do you want your hybrid event to be appealing and captivating both on-site and virtually? We support you with direction and technology, so your event is professionally staged.

Live recording during a hybrid graduation ceremony

Services to make your hybrid event a success

  • Direction and live editing for smooth operation
  • Up to seven cameras with gimbal and radio transmission
  • On-site control of projections and sound
  • Compact setup will not disturb participants on-site
  • Recording of all cameras for further use of content
  • Streaming to multiple services at the same time
Video abspielen
Equality Award 2021

Example: City of Zurich

The award ceremony for the City of Zurich’s Equality Prize in June 2021 was a hybrid event. There were various speeches, including one with former Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss, musical interludes, and the city council’s award ceremony. With three cameras, we produced an appealing hybrid event directly from the foyer of the Stadthaus Zurich. We were able to show what was on stage as well as the audience.

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Hybrid events
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What support do you need?

Advertising Package

  • Marketing strategy and promotion of your event
  • Setting up registration and landing pages
  • Setting up email communication so your audience can participate
  • Recording social media teasers and other promotional material

Direction Package

  • Development of an appealing programme
  • Coordination during the event
  • Training of speakers for a professional appearance
  • Integration of interactive elements

Production Package

  • Technical set-up of the event
  • Live streaming with live editing from your desired location
  • Up to seven cameras with gimbals and wireless connection
  • Microphones for all speakers
  • Recording of PowerPoint slides
  • Split screens and lower third
  • Recording of the event


  • We will be happy to compile an offer specifically for your requirements and wishes.

Detailed services for the production of appealing hybrid events

Before the event

  • Joint planning of the event
  • Advice on how to run the event
  • Support in promoting the event
  • Pre-production of videos and sequences
  • Setting up the live stream and the event platform

During the event

  • Everything from a single partner
  • Unobtrusive equipment
  • Live editing from multiple cameras on location
  • Operation of cameras
  • Monitoring of chat
  • Independence from infrastructure: live streaming via 4G/5G Swisscom network
  • Provision of professional equipment (cameras, microphones, lighting, etc.)

After the event

  • Evaluation of the event
  • Making the recording available
  • Editing and post-production of videos on specific topics or in different formats (e.g. social media)